January - March 2022

Assistant to director Nicholas Clifford across 6 television commercials (TRUCE films)

  • AKEDO Powerstorm (Moose Toys)
  • Goo Jit Zu (Moose Toys)
  • Treasure X (Moose Toys)

December 2021

Ryobi Mowers ad “Prehistoric” — production runner (TRUCE films)

Dolorres “Subdivide” music video directed by Renee Kypriotis — best boy (independent)

Nando’s “Day In The Life” campaign videos — videographer (Milkbar Digital)

November 2021

Nutella B-Ready TVC — runner (TRUCE films)

September 2021

Toolkit Depot opening campaign TVC — assistant editor (TRUCE films)

Clear “Be The First You” TVC — assistant editor (TRUCE films)

G8 Childcare Campaign — assistant editor (TRUCE films)

3K “Defibrilator” music video directed by Renee Kypriotis — gaffer (independent)

June 2021

"We Are Arabic Welfare" promotional videos — videographer / editor (Milkbar Digital)

May 2021

“Lichen” directed by Zoe Robinson — best boy (independent)

“Get To The Wire” directed by Paul Burns — grip (independent)

“Typo” directed by Alinta Burton — BTS stills (independent)

"Day Seven" TVC by Majella Productions — BTS stills (independent)

April 2021

“Through Fault” directed by Emily Brown — BTS stills (independent)

“Ma doi” directed by Xavier Levine — 1st AC / BTS stills (independent)

“The Ring of Alkazeer” directed by Vincent Attanasio — best boy (independent)

March 2021

“Celeste” directed by Alexandra Galloway — BTS stills / best boy (independent)

“Ragdoll” — writer / director (independent)

February 2021

Priceline: "Awkward Ask" — editor (Milkbar Digital)

January 2021

“Ardcore Megaexpansion MV” directed by Paul Burns — editor (independent)

“Baby, I’m Yours MV” — writer / director (independent)

“Shifting” directed by Bethany Whitmore — editor (independent)