Filmmaking should be a discovery. It should communicate the importance of our personal experiences and interpersonal connections, developing a sense of identity, empathy and community.

Videographer - Milkbar Digital (Oct 2019 - Present)

Milkbar Digital is a Melbourne based boutique digital content and social media advertising agency, helping brands in the fashion, food and lifestyle space.

I have had the opportunity to work with brands such as Maxwell & Williams, Koko Black, Priceline Pharmacy, Nando's and many more in creating advertising content for social media.

Student - Swinburne University (2018 - 2021)

For my studies at Swinburne University, Bachelor of Film & TV (Honors), I directed the graduate film Ragdoll.

Throughout my studies I also directed the music video Baby, I’m Yours for artist Jayden Bleakley, and 16mm short film The Boy and The Bushranger.

Videographer - Very Nice Productions (2018 - 2021) Freelance projects

Very Nice Productions is an independent production company established by myself and Darcy Newton. We have had success in music festival promotional videos, informational shorts and music videos.

Highlights include creating promotional trailers for Robbie Williams, TLC, Boys II Men, Sheppard, Blackstreet, YO! Mafia and other performers at A Day On The Green.